Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Won`t you write a little to me, we can be merry you and me.

We Are Never Alone

An interesting concept to say the very least.

A man or woman, living ``far from the madding crowd``, alone and sequestered away from society; possibly in a remote area, would be considered in all sense of the word as alone. Separate, apart, isolated; to the exclusion of all others or all else. Well, I would ask you to humour me for a minute as I beg to differ with you.

This same man or woman wakens early on a morning. The first days of spring are evident in the swollen running of the brook, carrying hilltop snows to the streams and rivers before filling the lakes with their cool freshness. But how could this waking soul not hear the chatter of the two squirrels racing, spiralling, about the redwood that stands beyond the window, tiny claws catching and scratching in the bark. Or the symphony of birds singing praises to the sun that has returned to warm the day; robins twittering so beautifully or mesmerizing their pray with love songs, the jays screeching to be heard or daring the earth bound targets to show themselves even for a moment, and the timid peep of the finches as if saying not I, I am not with them.

Quiet is suddenly all the nearby world can hear, if that can even be counted as a sound just this once. For there, among the birches and willow saplings is a doe; all remain quiet in reverence to her beauty and grace. The squirrels and the birds take flight in their respective directions, startling the doe to leap back towards cover. As if startled ourselves, we come back to reality and our own places of abode.

How can any man or woman say that they are alone!! It is beyond me. And who are we to believe that any living thing is beneath us such that we are the only inhabitants that count or seem to matter.

Some of my best times are spent with my wildlife friends, sitting outdoors, listening and watching. They play, laugh, work and cry just like us. You only need to quiet yourself to join them.

So this spring, though some would say it is not here yet because of the snow, has already established itself in my mind, heart and soul; the robins are here, the sparrows have woken from their half sleep and soon the others will join us. Take the time and listen and watch; you will never be alone again.

Your Syster,

Blessed Be

Monday, March 21, 2011


Wind in the trees
Whisper in the willows
Rustle in the mighty oak
A sigh in the pines -
Breathe life to all whom it kisses
To stir emotion in all it caresses.

Stream at snow melt
Tears of winter passing
Falling onto the sun kissed cheeks of spring -
Rivulets flowing as a sigh on her lips
To great the summer morn ahead.

Cry of a new borne babe
Man and beast alike
Harken to the moon
subtle, softest cries of wanting and desire -
Night presents it's mystery
For all to behold in awe.

Putting a Little Class on the Wine

Each year my syster and I put on batches of homemade wine and I thought it would be extrordinary to have our own wine labels for Systers Wyrd. So here they are; a signature series which will be a new one each year, and a label for each of the Sabbats, again new ones for each year. Should be getting these in the mail soon; am so excited to see how they turned out. This first one is the Signature label for 2011.

This next one is our Midsummers label.

Ohh la la. Cannot wait until I sip from these. Cheers!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Magik of Three

Many times I have gone back to the Wiccan Rede to understand the nuances of it; each time, I read something a little different, or maybe it is that I understand a little more deeply what some of it means to my journey as a Witch. The one segment of the Rede that has always seemed provocative and mysterious is line 23 where we read; "Less in thy own defense it be, always mind the Rule of Three".

Now let's just leave the first part of that line for another time as it in itself can create volumes of discussion, and look to the final segment, "always mind the Rule of Three." In my naivete, I have always considered this meant that if I put out into this world something bad or something good, that it's energy would return to me in threefold. Done, understood, and certainly a motivation to do your best to harm none in all ways.

Recently, I have acquired an interesting book written by A.J. Drew, "A Wiccan Bible" and I have to tell you, his perspective on many things is quite interesting, thought provoking and, speaks to my inner desire for knowledge and understanding. So regarding the Rule of Three, here is his perspective.

Three is a magikal number because it "unlocks the totality of that which we are,...the whole of our being is mind, body and soul. It uncovers our very essence". He then goes on to say that all that we do, including our thoughts, actions and words, affect the mind, body and soul, and that these aspects of humanity are entwined. He also suggests that causing harm to one of the three will bring harm to the other two. Alternately, two will benefit from uplifting the one.

Think about this; a very powerful statement and belief. I can certainly find much to think on regarding this revelation. But that will have to wait for another time; the canine and feline friends are acalling me.

Blessed Be

Syster Wyrd