Saturday, December 1, 2012

What is Shadow?

"Shadow" is the negative aspects of ourself and all that they involve; the scars on our body and soul from past traumas and the negative emotions felt from self perceived failures. These scars can be created by beating ourself up for mistakes we believe we may have made, for things that we don't like about ourself, or feelings of inadequacy foisted on us by other people. We all have parts of our lives, parts of ourselves that we do not like. These can be things we hate, things we're embarrassed about or simply things we're taught to be wrong. All of these things make up our Shadow. Healing and accepting our Shadow can help us move forward, aleviate stress and depression, even anxiety. By accepting the things that have happened to us, the issues, we become more whole. From  Ravens Wyrd 2010


Wyrd is Anglo-Saxon in origin and means ‘to become’ or ‘to turn’; literally meaning ‘that which has turned’ or ‘that which has become’.  Wyrd can be thought of as becoming something new, on a new path, while still being able to see that which has passed before back to the beginning and incorporating that into the present. From Ravens Wyrd 2010