Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tarot Reading - Wednesday, January 18, 2017

This is a Past, Present and Future reading with a specific intent of understanding what is holding me back from achieving my desired goals.
King of Cups (reversed) is Past, Two of Pentacles is the Present, and the Four of Cups (reversed) is the Future.
Initial Impressions
Cups is the predominant suit meaning that the reading is all about 1) what is coming from the heart versus the head and 2) seeking solutions to emotional conflicts or emotions. Cups can also signify intuition and creativity. Because the two cup cards are reversed, this will have an effect on the meanings and how they are interpreted.
Pentacles is all about the material aspects of life; prosperity and what we make of our external surroundings. 
Past: You have been overly emotional, disengaged. You have been fantasizing about what could be. And there have been a lot of repressed emotions even some emotional manipulation by others. Given these things, you have been very moody.
Present: You are learning to adapt to your relationship needs. You are exploring the infinite possibilities available to you; there are choices and options available. It is time to believe in yourself. Have Confidence. Look for new ways to handle old situations. This card is about balance, adaptability and prioritisation.
Future: You need to have confidence in your choices; no doubt or hesitation, or there is the possibility of a missed opportunity. Balance can be restored and you can be emotionally free.
If anyone has any other insights into this reading, please feel free to comment.
Syster Lorie

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