Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Wind Moon

Tonight at 10:44 pm est, the moon will be at its fullest. This moon is known as the Wind Moon by some; and windy it is!! For a few days now the wind has been howling about the house and of course, the temperatures have dropped significantly as well; something that can happen easily during the early spring in April.

We probably will not see the Lady Moon's lovely face as there are quite a few clouds in the sky. Albeit, I will still be faithful, and will perch near a window at some point to look for her face, to gaze upon it in wonder and love if only for a  fleeting moment between the heavy veil of clouds.

What has me a little concerned though is the mother dove that has seen fit to build her nest on top of our garden seat arbor. It is a very precarious birds nest to say the least.  I was very sure that she (nest and all) would surely drop through between the cross members of the canopy, to the seat below and lose her lovely eggs.

The honeysuckle vines that cover the top of the arbor are woven around her somewhat, but of course there is no foilage yet. Needless to say, she is very unprotected and at the mercy of the elements; snow, wind, and the cold. I must keep her in my heart tonight and pray that the Lady keeps her and her little ones safe. Indeed, I shall pray for all those who find thier lives sitting precariously on the edge, that this season of perennial renewal will bring growth and sustenance to all. Inner knowing and belief, and trust in the ways of the Lady, as I am sure the dove trusts that the warmth and sunshine will come after the cold and storms, will keep us safe.

Blessed Be.

Your Syster